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Mini split system air conditioners have been gaining in popularity for a number of years, their flexibility allows for installation in smaller areas where larger more cumbersome units are not practical or cost effective. As specialists in custom HVAC systems, at XP Climate Control, we offer our customers’ fully customizable mini split systems. Also known as ductless air conditioners, the mini split system is ideally suited for industrial applications where space is at a premium. It features a separate evaporator (air handling unit) and condenser unit, meaning that in a typical system the evaporator is located inside, mounted near the ceiling to allow the cold air to drop the full length of the wall. This provides more effective cooling of the entire room. The condenser unit is mounted outside with only one or several small penetrations through the wall. This is ideal for fire rated walls and allows for the omission of fire dampers that are typically required for air conditioning systems.

Since there is no duct work, mini split systems are simple to install, with all components configured for surface mount installation. The flexibility of this type of cooling system is further enhanced by our ability to develop a fully customized product, designed to meet the needs for virtually any requirement. All systems can be built in full compliance with N.E.C. or I.E.C. standards with third party certification available upon request, or to customer specified standards. From offshore applications, to refineries, chemical plants, and a wide range of industrial application, XP Climate Control mini split systems offer a unique low cost solution for room cooling. For more information, contact us directly.

Mini-Split Systems

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