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XP Climate Control is a family owned and operated business in Boone, NC.


We are an industry leader in custom designed explosion proof climate controls for hazardous locations. XP Climate Control is backed by many years of experience and proudly provides superior products, services and prices that guarantee value.


We design, manufacture and sell the best state-of-the-art products for our customers and we would like the opportunity to put our qualified staff to work for you. XP Climate Control strives to provide its clients with well-engineered products that are built to last. After the sale we offer customer service, technical support and commissioning packages to meet client’s challenging needs.



Industrial Clients


A Box 4U

Aberdeen Proving Ground
Ali Corporation


Dow Chemicals

Elliott Electric

Elite Steel Builders

Exxon Mobil Corporation


KC Electrical

Michelin Aircraft Tire Company


Northrop Grumman

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Paramount Structures

Rohm and Haas

Royal Aire Mechanical Services
Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company

Teyesser Trading and Contracting
Touch Bionics

US Chemical Storage
Wiltew Construction


Explosion Proof Climate Control Systems

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