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Meeting industrial heating and cooling requirements are not often something that can be accommodated with off the shelf components. Obtaining the optimum efficiency and the maximum value is an ever present hurdle that many designers face daily. Our reputation at XP Climate Control is derived from our ability to design and fabricate systems that can meet and exceed the most stringent requirements. Whether our customers need a single component or an entire system, our attention to detail, and deep understating of HVAC systems is a resource that is unmatched in the industry.

One of our major component offerings is Refrigeration/Cooler Units, also known as fan-forced evaporators. As with all of our products, these units are available in standard and custom configurations. These coolers are also explosion proof, designed to provide cooling in hazardous environments, and in full compliance with OSHA Division 1 and 2 codes. We offer standard units in 1,000 BTU/H - 600,000 BTU/H, and custom models in 600,000+ BTU/H and up. Other options include wall, ceiling, roof, pad, or through wall mounting, with single or dual circuits, smoke and gas detection, and much more. Because these coolers are designed to fit in virtually any industrial scenario, we can build them to suit in a wide range of materials that are appropriate for the situation.

We are a family owned company, with a customer centric approach, this means we'll dig deep to get you the system that meets not only your project specification, but your budget, and schedule. Our ability to provide the right solution, and do it very quickly when needed has gained us the trust of some of the largest names in heavy industry.

For more information XP Climate Control Explosion proof HVAC solution, contact us directly.

Explosion Proof Cabinet Coolers

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