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At XP Climate Control, we specialize in designing and building custom climate control systems. We are a family owned business with many years of experience and have serviced a long list of customers with a global reputation and presence. As a designer and manufacturer of custom HVAC products, we understand that a truly custom design involves every component of the system. We optimize the entire system to provide maximum results for durability, performance, and value.

Our experience with condenser units is extensive; we can work with an existing unit and modify it to conform to a specific application. If an existing unit will not suffice, we can design an entirely new unit, depending on which option adds the most value to the system. A condenser unit is basically a temperature control device, and includes a heat exchanger and a compressor, though this is an over simplification, these subsystems can vary greatly. We build condensers from 1 ton and up, utilizing refrigerant such as R-22, 410-A, 404, 407, or customer specified. We can integrate fans and blowers that utilize stainless steel, marine grade aluminum, galvanized steel, epoxy coated steel, thermoplastics, or whatever you're application requires. The same level of materials option exists for control panels and cabinets as well, and includes a wide array of materials, coatings, and finishes. We can also provide state of the art gas monitoring systems from makers such as Dreger, Serria Monitor, Honeywell, and many more as well as any customer specified system. In addition, we can also build units that are in full compliance with all applicable N.E.C codes for hazardous location, in fact we specialize in it.

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Condensing Units

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