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Air Handlers

An Air Handler is a key component of any HVAC system, its design and efficiency are critical factors for the systems overall performance. At XP Climate Control, we understand the importance of air handlers and know that in most cases a standard unit will not economically provide the level of performance required. That's why we specialize in custom manufactured air handlers.

Customers from some of the most demanding industries rely on our services to create air handlers that can meet their unique requirements. Our systems can be fabricated from 600 cfm and up with wide array of options that can accommodate virtually any system need. These include systems that can heat or cool only, with single or dual circuit, single or multiple zones, and dampers. System monitoring such as flow detection can be provided through various alarms, either visual or audible, as well as safety features that include smoke detection.

One of our core strengths is building explosion proof air handlers for use in hazardous environments; this is where customization plays a major role. HVAC systems, in general, must meet various industry standards. However, when a hazardous environment is involved those standards grow exponentially and are far more stringent. In addition, depending on the industry for use, specifications for various standards bodies may be involved; in any case compliance is not an option. Our team is well versed in all of these standards, with the flexibility to provide whatever is required.

To learn how a custom air handling solution can simplify and add value to your next HVAC project, contact us directly.

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