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As experts in explosion proof climate control systems, at XP Climate Control, we design our rooftop or pad mounted systems with features and options that add the most value, increasing serviceability, operational efficiency, and safety. Because pad mounted, and rooftop units are typically exposed to the elements, we build systems with a variety of protective measures to make them impervious to the elements. From the material of construction to painting and coatings, the last thing you'll need to worry about is the effects of environmental conditions. We can apply these characteristics to any configuration, such as vertical wall mounts, split systems, pressurization units, and unit coolers. All will benefit from our years if experience and our ability to design HVAC systems to accommodate virtually any environment. Other system options include single or dual circuit configurations, various smoke and flow detection alarms, built-in lockable service receptacle and disconnects. Also available are electric, steam, or water heaters, and the use of R-22, 410-A, 404, 407, or custom refrigerants. Stacks can be constructed from stainless steel, marine grade aluminum; epoxy coated or galvanized steel, and guide wire kits of stainless or galvanized steel. In addition to world-class design and construction, all units can be fabricated to conform to standards from the N.E.C. the I.E.C., and custom standards, all of which can be certified through third-party testing.

Customers across a broad range of industries have trusted us at XP Climate Control, and we have designed and built systems for a wide range of diverse applications. Some of these include refineries, chemical processing, offshore platform, gas plants, fuel transfer and pumping station, control room, laboratories and many more.

For more information about XP Climate Control rooftop and pad mounted HVAC systems, contact us directly.

Rooftop Units

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